About Us

Little Learners Preschool opened in August 1993 serving children from the age of two to five years old. Our Kindergarten program began as Lakeside Christian Elementary in August 1985 and moved to our preschool location in September 2020. With the growth of our school, we have added staff members that are dedicated to giving your child a great learning experience.

Little Learners Preschool and Kindergarten is licensed by the State of California (License #390320920) The Kindergarten school year 2024/2025 begins August 26th, 2024 to May 30th, 2025. The Preschool is open all year around.

SCHOOL HOURS: Preschool – 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Kindergarten 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Extended care for Kindergarten – 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Our Calendar

Our Philosophy

We believe that God created each child as a special and unique person. Each child can achieve full potential through encouragement and challenge, when guided with love and patience. Our goal is to nurture the "whole child" in areas of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development.

We provide a strong educational foundation for children and prepare them for kindergarten, and primary education. We accomplish this by providing a caring environment where children learn through the joy and adventure of hands-on play. These stimulating experiences offer children the opportunity to explore their environment and practice skills within a classroom setting shared with their peers. In a loving Christian atmosphere, we guide children to reach their full potential to become self-reliant, confident, respectful, responsible, and problem solvers.

We are sensitive to developing each unique child, and we seek to instill a lifelong, inquisitive, enthusiastic learner. We recognize the importance of parent-teacher communication and so, provide many opportunities for teachers to share with parents and parents to share with teachers. Everything the child experiences, is a part of their education. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to have a well-balanced experience regardless of social, racial, cultural, religious or economic background.

Our Staff

At Little Learners Preschool and Kindergarten, our dedicated staff works to encourage each child's growth, both individually and as part of the community. Little Learners classrooms incorporate problem solving, cooperation, and other social skills into their child-centered curriculum.




Assistant Director

Mary Ulring

Kindergarten Teacher


Kindergarten Aide

Noelle Trant

Preschool Teacher


Preschool Teacher

Nicole Brown

Preschool Teacher


Preschool Teacher


Preschool Teacher

Rosalyn Henderson

Preschool Teacher

Megan Wharry

Preschool Teacher

Danielle Moreno

Preschool Teacher

Carrie Relloque

Preschool Teacher

Michelle Smith

Preschool Teacher